Gear VR Offers a Preview of Virtual Reality in the Home

20techfix1-master675When a friend asks what you did over the weekend, you may soon say, “I stood 15 feet away from a dinosaur” — and you will not be bluffing.
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That is because the Gear VR, a virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics and Facebook’s Oculus VR, was released on Friday. The $100 device, which looks like a boxy pair of goggles, gives consumers an early peek into the new immersive video technology that will begin stampeding into their homes next year.

The Gear VR requires inserting a Samsung Galaxy smartphone into the headgear: The device relies on the smartphone’s screen for video and its computing brains for running apps and games. It is a precursor to the more powerful Oculus Rift, a headset that connects with a personal computer, which will make its debut next year.

For an early stab at consumer virtual reality, the Gear VR is a work in progress. The virtual reality experience is fascinating and the Gear VR is probably unlike any consumer technology device you have owned before. But in my testing of the device over a week,

Star Wars The Force Awakens Rated PG 13

swforceawakens021280jpg-a80ab2_160wWith less than a month to go until the Force awakens, hype is rising at ludicrous speed with analysts predicting the movie will bring in $170,000,000 in its first weekend.

As we get closer, the tight grip on the movie’s story and background is also quickly slipping. For instance, check out the film’s first clip here as well as a new TV spot featuring Poe Damaron’s (Oscar Isaac) Red and Blue Squads flying into combat. Get a closer look who will be battling in the stars in these six sick covers from Empire Magazine featuring the heroes and villains of the new saga.

Google is also getting in the spirit of things with a new tool that will allow you to show your allegiance to the dark side or the light in all your Google Apps. Also try typing in “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” in your Google search bar for a cool Easter Egg that will make your results page a lot more interesting.

The movie drops in North America on December 18th.

If you want to get the latest news from a Galaxy Far, Far Away, check out the

Chris Hemsworth Says Thor Ragnarok Needs Guardians esque Humor

1280-thor-the-dark-worldjpg-e95982_160wMarvel’s third Norse-centric film, saying he’d like to see Ragnarok take a page or two out of Guardian’s of the Galaxy’s playbook.

“I think [Thor 3] needs to be injected with that sort of smart wit and unexpected kind of humor, kind of what James Gunn came in and did with Guardians [of the Galaxy],” Hemsworth told Cinema Blend. “It was like off center and unpredictable, and I think we can definitely use a dose of that, you know?”

With Flight of the Conchords director Taika Waititi on board to helm the film for Marvel, Hemsworth has high hopes for Thor: Ragnarok, especially when it comes to delivering a humorous flick for the fans.

“We’ve done regal. We’ve done Shakespeare, and we’ve shown that. I think now it’s time to go, ‘Ok, cool. Let’s try something different,’ and Taika just had such a brilliant sort of take and funny kind of ideas about where we could [go], how we could do that,” Hemsworth added

Thor: Ragnarok opens on November 3, 2017 and will feature Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, who reportedly joins the God of Thunder on a cosmic road trip. Both Valkyrie and Enchantress are rumored to appear as well, with

Why You Need To Buy A Custom Gaming PC

Whether you have just picked up computer gaming or you have been enjoying this for years, you must be aware that you will need a dedicated PC for a seamless experience. The power and capabilities of your computer play a vital role in your overall experience in computer games experience. This is the reason why all gaming enthusiasts want to buy the best gaming PC available in the market.

If you don’t have a custom gaming computer built with exclusive games in mind, you will get frustrated as the PC might be too slow or lacking the memory needed for the game that is being played. This won’t help you at all. And your PC will crash or slow down during a game. Also, you won’t enjoy the game if the graphics and sound features are not on par with the requirement of the game. So, in a nutshell, you will have to buy a specific PC to enjoy at the fullest.

Some such enthusiasts buy computers that have been perfectly designed according to different games’ specifications. In the market, there are many makes and models of computers available for gamers to choose. So, it won’t be a difficult task for you

Best Zombie Games 2015

People have fallen in love with the undead. After the unprecedented hit TV show, The Walking Dead, there is a new interest in zombies. Gamers have always been fans of zombie games because they offer everything that one looks for in a good game – guns, fights, blood and gore. This is the reason why several leading titles in portable gaming consoles are zombie related. So, given below are some of the best zombie games that you will find around you:

  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – Zombie games are always fun on their own but the game becomes all the more interesting when there is an element of theme involved. Most people associate the wild west with killings and rodeos anyway but the Red Dead Nightmare brings the problem of zombies to the wild west. Several innovative weapons and scores of the undead will make you strategise how to deal with these brain eating monsters. The effects are great too and zombie aficionados swear by this game.
  • Dead Island – There have been innumerable movies made on the concept of a deserted island where horrible things eventually happen, so why leave zombies out of the picture? Dead Island is one such

Create The Custom PS4 Controller Of Your Dreams

Technology has given us so many surprises by providing us the different techniques. Technology has struck in every field today, due to which it becomes easy for the people to grow and develop. Technology has given us the most important tool through which we can search anything today and i.e. the internet. It is that medium through which you can access anything. With the help of the technology the people use its techniques to develop the software and tools so that they can use it. One of the developments by the people using the different technique is the PlayStation 4.

PS4 is the video game console, which is manufactured by the Sony computer entertainment. There are many series which is launched by this company like PS3, PS2 and PSP. PS4 is the advanced and smarter version of the PlayStation series and there are many people across the globe who loves to enjoy PlayStation game. They call it the best medium through which you can experience the new level digital gaming world at your home. It gives the real game experience at home and you can live the same with your friends!

Now you get the PS4 Custom Controllers through which you can

Find The Best Value Gaming Computer Online

We are living in an exceptionally demanding world where the use of computer is increasing at a rapid pace. Computers have proved their utility in every walk of life. They have left no field uncovered, be it banking, aviation, transportation, medical, education, multimedia, cinema or business. Not to exaggerate, they have brought revolutionary changes in the corporate world as well. Since they improve work efficiency and reduce labor, many people think that increased use of computers will result in unemployment. This fear is baseless. Instead, we need more hands to maximize their use. Computers were developed to just perform typical computing. But with the time and our ever-increasing needs, computers have become much more than just a computing device. They are now used for social interaction, multimedia applications and entertainment as well. On computers, you can get entertained yourself by music, videos, internet and gaming.

Advent of technology, production of inexpensive hardware components and introduction of digital education have made it possible for everyone to avail a computer for personal use. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who own a computer. However, the purposes may be slightly different. Some people buy it for

Leading Online Scenarios for Chess Playing

Do you believe in all forms of intellectual aspects of chess playing? Then yes, you must be part of all those intellectual groups of players over the internet that has accessed so many resources of related topics that would require utmost skill from you. You can witness so many differences in the characteristics of the gaming experts who are likely to get acquainted with the idea & objectives that have been shared by the senior other players from the same genre of chess centric gameplay. Therefore, the players must possess outstanding capabilities to connect to the professionals of the same platforms on the web. Thus you would be able as a player to gain some positive hold of this traditional mind sports. If you have already been endowed with some tricks to begin the games with initial gains, then you must try to grab those very ideas of supporting your own skills in order to ensure that is no failure. You would be confident while accessing those web resources where methodologies are anew always in case of improving your knowledge to utilize the skills for sure. In many ways, you can strengthen your position as a chess player.

Grandmasters would be

Look Here at the Details of Lessons for Chess

Do you think that you have the caliber to keep going on with the strategies of the chess fort long time? Then there must be no hesitation in understanding that the chances will come if you have the very sense of applications which is required very often whenever you are in due course of game with any of the tough contenders. These contenders representing the online gamers’ community are never willing to let you gain the advantage of any misfortune. Therefore, we should make it very clear that you have already gained the platforms on the web where you are going to attain the very lesson with respect to your understanding of the game & the positions of yours on the basis of past records. If it is proved, that you are endowed with superior knowledge of this very board gaming, then you should definitely download ebooks, DVDs of something similar with respect to increasing your knowledge to get success as soon as possible. The grand master could be a possibility for you if you have already understood the known positions of the elements of this mind sport. From knowing the process of decorating the board game to dominating the

Guild Wars 2 New Legendary Weapons and Economy Detailed

ArenaNet released two blog posts relating to Heart of Thorns, discussing the new legendary weapons as well as upcoming economy changes.

ArenaNet have announced a lot of new content and systems, and most of them affect the balance of the game in one way or another. The game is about to change a great deal, and that means the economy is going to be impacted.

Economy Detailed

Precursor and Legendary Journeys

The amount of materials it takes to make a precursor, anyone who has crafted enough rare items to understand the pattern of precursor creation has a good idea of the quantity of materials involved. In the new system, the number is no longer variable, but it’s still immense. Precursor crafting maintains the scarcity of a large quantity of important items in the economy, and ArenaNet made efforts to partially preserve that relationship.

Salvaging Changes

For most materials in the game is important and some of them are scarcity, ArenaNet have reached a nice equilibrium, and the change of systems is really going to throw a wrench into that. “We’re reducing what you get from playing” caught my attention, it seems a little strange. I’ve no doubt that Heart of Thorns will bring with it new

Age Of War The Game For Your Fighting Sprit And Braveness

Did you know that surviving during the ancient ages is a truly an overwhelming challenge, because of poor tools and the threat of horrible enemies? Today, we are happy to introduce to players all a fighting action game, illustrating a war from the Stone Age. More interestingly, keeping the role of a brilliant commander is what you are asked to perform here. The truth is that there is the vicious combat between 2 powerful forces of cavemen and dinosaurs for their survival on a territory. Feel free to land on the playfield of Age Of War so as to take control over the home troop as well as guide them to the gorgeous win now, dear all guys!

Playing Age Of War Is Not An Intimidating Task

The strategy game easily dazzles its fans with a gripping story, awesome graphics, and anything that a real player will enjoy. At present, your core objectives here are to eradicate all the hostiles and keep the home base safe. As soon as starting the gameplay, every player shall be required to select the difficulty of the game first. Two buildings are also available on the stage – one of them is the command center while

Vintage Video Games Space Invaders

The year was 1978, and the world was just beginning to welcome video games. A Japanese company known as Taito decided to develop a game called “Space Invaders.” The game quickly became very popular after its release, and by 1980, Space Invaders was licensed to be played in American via coin operated arcade centres, the Atari 2600, and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Over the course of the game’s lifetime, it has generated over $500 million in revenue. In fact, during its initial release in Japan, the game was so popular it caused a coin shortage until the country’s Yen supply was able to be quadrupled. Entire arcade centres were opened in Japan just for the sole purpose of Space Invaders. Players of the game were definitely a bit obsessed.

Originally, Space Invaders was created to be a 2D shooter game that used human soldiers as targets. However, developers felt that this concept would not be received well by the masses, and they did not want to promote the shooting of humans so they opted for aliens instead.

As the game stands today, it is a 2D shooter platform where a human being must focus on protecting the Earth from devious alien life

Games for Girls are a Great Source of Enjoyment for Everyone

Regardless of the fact that the experts behind each diversion intended for young girls are not necessarily girls, they’re laid out and created according to girls’ liking. These can be used for entertainment and education for young girls. Amusements accessible for playing online are obviously, free and fill their need really well. So all the young ladies out there chose their most loved and get playing! You can also ask you parents to select different games for you.

There are a few recreations strewn everywhere throughout the web that young ladies appreciate playing, and even young men do sometimes. Here, we discuss a couple of classifications that are on offer and see what fascination every holds for its young players.

Fashion Games

Fashion games are an overwhelmingly commanding classification of recreations with regards to diversions intended for young ladies. Girls of every age appreciate playing such recreations on the web, and numerous makers who’re mindful of this, have verified they have a massive database to look over. A number of them include assigning a character to every player who then needs to outline the outfit and compensate for the little figure on the screen. The scoring is done and based on how well

Final Fantasy XIV New Patch Previews

In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1, game company brings us a lot of new contact, such as new story missions and two additional dungeons etc.

Story Missions

Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe Quests – The Vundu tribe, having summoned the primal Bismarck, wasted no time in establishing dominance over other Vanu Vanu tribes and claiming the Sea of Clouds as their own. The peaceful Zundu tribes continue to oppose their tyranny, however, and now seek the aid of an adventurer to help their people. In Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.1, the Vanu Vanu are getting their own quest line, so they’ve taken the time to preview what these specific tribes will be up to.

After unlocking the beast tribe daily quests, players will be able to undertake several quests which change on a daily basis. By completing them, players can improve their reputation with the Vanu Vanu. With the reputation improving, you will be able to purchase various items such as furnishings, minions, and mounts.

New Dungeons

Are you tired of running Neverreap in Final Fantasy XIV? In patch 3.1 is bringing two fresh dungeons for players to run: Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum and a hard mode version of Pharos Sirius, both dungeons as requiring item level

Get the Best Information About Candy Crush Soda Saga

The number of people playing online games is increasing by leaps and bounds. Though there are plethora of games people play for the purpose of fun and entertainment, but the sequel of Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga is one of the most played online games these days. People from all walks of life play this exciting sodalicious game as this game is full of challenges, excitements, adventures and everything that you may look for in an online entertainment. Not only children, but youngsters and even moms and dads also love this amazing game.

If you are someone who is playing this game, you should be completely aware of what’s new in the so that you can cross the levels with easy and with high scores. What do the boosters and blockers do? How can use the stripped candy, wrapped candy, fish candy, color bomb and other elements of the game? You must know all these things so as to enjoy the game to the fullest. There are various wonderful things that are added in the match, you will surely love it when you will be able to utilize the special candies effectively. There are many site available on internet

Get the Best Information About Candy Crush Soda Saga

The number of people playing online games is increasing by leaps and bounds. Though there are plethora of games people play for the purpose of fun and entertainment, but the sequel of Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga is one of the most played online games these days. People from all walks of life play this exciting sodalicious game as this game is full of challenges, excitements, adventures and everything that you may look for in an online entertainment. Not only children, but youngsters and even moms and dads also love this amazing game.

If you are someone who is playing this game, you should be completely aware of what’s new in the so that you can cross the levels with easy and with high scores. What do the boosters and blockers do? How can use the stripped candy, wrapped candy, fish candy, color bomb and other elements of the game? You must know all these things so as to enjoy the game to the fullest. There are various wonderful things that are added in the match, you will surely love it when you will be able to utilize the special candies effectively. There are many site available on internet

Best Place to Unblocked Game Happy Wheels

Now and again playing the same old recreations can turn into a strenuous procedure. Don’t you need some energy and fun into your life? Wouldn’t you get a kick out of the chance to play new unblocked recreations online? Don’t you need to play courageous recreations? In the event that you do, then it is time that you look at the site because they have burdens to offer for diversion sweethearts. They ensure that they unblock the most energizing games for players to exploit. You are sure to have an extraordinary time on this site and you can even welcome companions over to your place to host a get-together.

The unblocked games on happy wheels that are the most prevalent are all out jerkface, full, unblocked games, thus a great deal more. You can simply scan through the greater part of the games and select the ones that you like the best. There are a few recreations that you will experience considerable difficulties, and this is the reason you ought to watch the demo before you start. The demo will make your gaming online knowledge simple, and you will have the capacity to comprehend the games right away.

Happy wheels unblocked games

Solitaire Its More Than Just a Game

Whether you own a deck of cards or you opt to play a free online version of Solitaire, the benefits are the same: Solitaire is good for your brain. This very traditional card game has been played for decades and makes the perfect pastime for anyone who is bored or restless. The game only requires one player so you never have to scout out a partner in order to have a bit of good, clean fun.

Places that a good game of Solitaire might come in handy include:

  • During a flight
  • On a train or trolley ride
  • In the waiting room of a dentist or doctor office
  • At your flat during a boring Saturday night
  • In the library
  • Anywhere you feel like playing

As aforementioned, you don’t always need a deck to play this solo card game. If you have access to a computer, it is quite easy to find an online version of Solitaire and many of them are free to use. If you are on the move, opt to use your tablet or smartphone for countless hours of card playing madness. You can usually find a free version of the game in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Benefits of Playing Solitaire

Did you know that when

Aircraft Fighter 2D Review

It’s a 2D fun shooting game. Its story of and gameplay is simple. The user has been given an aircraft to shoot down enemy aircrafts, which are coming from the opposite direction to destroy the user aircraft. While playing user can collect coins and hearts to increase the scores & health lost when hit by the enemy planes, picking up coins will increase user money but it is only for display purpose as there is no use of it at any place in the game for now but may be in the future version developers may provide something to do with the collected coins.

Aircraft Fighter has total 3 levels to play and within each level there are 3 waves to clear in order to complete the level after defeating the enemy bosses. In each level user have to destroy all the enemy aircrafts to clear the waves and after clearing the waves, the player has to fight the boss at the end of the level. Boss plane is big in size with a health bar than the other planes, which are destroyed in the waves, and requires more bullets and missiles to be destroyed by the player. Once user destroys

Online vs Brick and Mortar Toy Stores

Online toy shopping is a convenient feature that many toy stores are now offering. However, nothing still beats the brick and mortar toy stores when it comes to retail purchases because of several factors, and here are some of them:


This means that online toy stores cannot render the same experience of an actual toy shop where the buyer can personally see, feel, and test an item before purchasing it. While the Internet offers limitless choices, they are unable to provide this experience, which is why brick and mortar toy stores will still reign over online shops.

But when it comes to distribution, actual toy stores and online stores share a common path. Some buyers, for instance, will order online and choose to pick up in a toy store in their locality for immediacy. One of which is Toys ‘R Us that offers a “buy online, pick up in store” program for all kinds of toys including gun toys for kids.


Another reason why parents or toy shoppers still opt for the brick and mortar toy stores is to avoid the extra costs incurred during shipping. This is an additional cost that we don’t want, but cannot do away with, at

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